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News Archive – August 2012


Rycon's Special Projects Group Starts 11 Stanwix Street Lobby Renovation
August 13, 2012



Pittsburgh, PA - The 21,000 sq. ft. lobby of 11 Stanwix Street office building is undergoing a renovation by Rycon's Special Projects Group. At a cost of $3.6 million, work includes a temporary lobby space consisting of finished drywall, acoustic ceilings, temporary sprinkler and light systems. The temporary lobby shall allow the tenants of the building full access to the elevators, escalators, bank and coffee café while construction is conducted above on a temporary scaffold platform. A new permanent mechanical mezzanine shall be constructed over the existing lobby level bank allowing the bank to remain in operation throughout the project. Once the mezzanine and temporary scaffold decks are in place a construction zone platform will exist throughout, yet above, the entire lobby or plaza level of the building. The platform, located approximately 14’ above the lobby floor level, will be covered with rubber roofing and multiple layers of plastic sheeting to insure the tenants are protected from any moisture or dust concerns. Construction operations consist of the demolition of all existing lobby level plaster ceilings and lighting. All of the existing lobby ceiling mechanical systems, ducts, equipment and piping, will be removed as part of demolition. The original structural steel fireproofing will also be removed and replaced with new spray on fireproofing. Following fireproofing operations, all new ductwork, mechanical equipment and fire protection sprinkler systems will be installed. Temporary heating, cooling and ventilation for the second floor and bank tenant spaces have been incorporated as well.


The project includes all new lobby level and bank tenant area bulkheads and cove lighting surrounding new upscale acoustic ceiling systems and decorative lighting.  As the overhead platform work reaches substantial completion the scaffolds and temporary lobby shall be removed.


The renovation was designed by Desmone & Associates Architects and is scheduled for completion in January 2013.


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