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Construction Management

Rycon has served as construction manager on over $1.5 billion of work. A few notable projects:


Construction management at risk infuses our real world experience into the development of a project with the Owner and the design team. This project delivery system allows the Owner and the entire team the capability of having an early knowledge of cost, possible phasing, feasibility and scheduling. The Owner will also have a direct role in the selection of subcontractors and suppliers that will comprise the ultimate construction team. By employing this method, the attributes of quality and performance are enhanced while safeguarding the project from the low bid mentality which often is not the best value.


The preconstruction staff will assist the Owner and the design team throughout the process. Rycon is committed to not only achieving the Owner’s goals, but to exceeding their expectations. We believe in a total team approach. We will provide solutions to challenges while working with the design team, end-users and Owners to maximize the program and enhance the end product while maintaining the schedule.


Preconstruction services provided: